What’s The Difference Between Regular School And Charter School In Edmonton?

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Alberta has more choices in public education than almost any other province. In Alberta, students, parents and their families can choose from any number of public or independent options. Boyle Street Education Centre is one of a number of Alberta Public Charter Schools.


What is an Alberta public charter school?

Public charter schools are designed to serve a specific community in the province. There is a growing number of public charter schools in Alberta, but they all have a few things in common:

– They are publicly-funded schools (NOT private schools).

– Each exists to support a specific school community.

– All charter schools must lead research showing how their innovative programs support their specific community’s academic and social success.


Public charter schools cannot charge tuition for their programs and they use the approved Alberta Programs of Study.

Boyle Street Education Centre is an Edmonton public charter school that supports young people who have not yet found success in the mainstream education system. We work hard to be the most inclusive charter school in Edmonton and this is what we offer:


Student Engagement:

–   We ensure students have seamless access to learning and support from wherever they are

–   No matter what has happened to you or where you have been, if you want support and are ready to learn, there is a place for you in this school.

–   Our school will meet you where you are in your learning and together, we will build a success plan based on your strengths.


Student Achievement:

– All our students can learn when they have the right support.

– Not all strategies work for all students. We apply a range of strategies for each student based on what we know about their needs.

– Instruction at Boyle Street Education Centre is engaging, differentiated and creative.


Indigenous Perspectives:

Indigenous knowledge is part of every classroom.

BSEC students can engage with indigenous community members and elders at school, at community events and through land-based learning programs.


For more information about Alberta Public Charter Schools, please visit www.taapcs.ca and watch this short explainer video.