School Open MONDAY

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WE WILL BE OPEN ON MONDAY (as of now). This is the message from our Superintendent, Mavis Averill:

After consulting with Alberta Education and our Board Chair, we have decided to keep the school open during the May 3 -14 school closure times. This decision has been made taking the following into consideration:

  • Consultation with AB ED and Board Chair
  • Wide staff eligibility for immunizations
  • Success at managing COVID spread in our school by successfully applying barriers, personal protective equipment, distancing and sanitizing.
  • Importance of in-person learning and support services for students with severe disabilities

If a new situation arrives, we may have to make a different decision but for now we will keep our school open for in-person supports and learning for our students during the May 3 – 14 school closure times.

Mavis Averill


Boyle Street Education Centre