Attention Students… only a few short weeks until the daily announcements’ contest ends!! For today, points will be awarded as follows: For the first student to answer the questions correctly, 5 points, for the second student 3 points, for the third 2, and for the 4th and so on, 1

  1. What does CANDU stand for and what does CANDU produce?
  2. What does a Tilley Endurable refer to
  3. Who was the first Aboriginal actor to play a Native American on television?  What was his most famous role?
  4. Remember the code words from previous contests and write a complete sentence using them.
  5. Name the five Great lakes


The final sweat of this school year will take place this coming Monday, June 18th.  The van will leave at 930AM and return by 3PM.  The first 10 students to sign-up through their homeroom teachers will be guaranteed a spot.  Come and experience a relaxing spiritual journey in nature.


Leaving BSEC?

Is this your last year at BSEC? Please speak with Brandy in student services on how to get help with bus tickets, job search, housing, and more after you’ve left BSEC. All interested students can sign up for an intake meeting at John Howard Society on Tuesday June 26th after lunch!