YMCA Youth Exchange Meeting:

There will be a meeting for participants of the YMCA Youth Exchange on Wednesday, January 30th @ 11:15AM in the Video Conference Room.  All students chosen for the youth exchange will be expected to attend.



Attention students… the daily announcements contest is back.  Answer the following questions and then go find Stephanie in the Social room to claim your prize.  Today, the top 8 responders will receive a $5 Subway card and 2 points.


  1. What is the last day of semester 1?  What is the first day of semester 2?
  2. When does February break for BSEC begin?  When does it end?
  3. On a sheet of music, how many lines does each staff have?
  4. Name an author of a popular teen novel and the title of the book
  5. To answer this series of questions about telling time, you must see Stephanie in the social room.  Hint: you might need a pencil and paper

Ski Hill Safety Meeting:

All students who signed up to go on the ski trip to Rabbit Hill on Friday of this week are to attend the Ski Hill Safety Meeting on Wednesday @ 2:45PM in the Native Studies Room.  This meeting is MANDATORY.  If you signed up and do not attend it you will be taken off of the list.  See you there!