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Daily Announcements – Wellness Conference Coming Up

Wellness Conference, April 26-7, 2012!

Wellness Conference, April 26-7, 2012!

Attention students! Test yourself and win prizes!!

A list of questions or tasks will be posted on random days throughout the week in the announcements. Take your answers to the questions to Stephanie in the Social Studies classroom where you will be awarded points for correct answers. Your name will be added to a tally sheet where your points will be tracked. 10 correct answers will = 1 point. We will be awarding a grand prize at the end of the semester to the student with the most points – an Ipod touch!!!

Daily prizes will vary. Today, we will be giving away $5 gift certificates to Subway. We will also be giving away a “surprise”. All students who answer the following questions correctly will win! 2 points for TODAY ONLY will be awarded to everyone who answers all 5 questions. 2 points is the equivalent of having answered 20 questions correctly!!!

1. On what day is the upcoming election?
2. In what electoral division do you live?
3. What identification do you need in order to vote?
4. List 6 candidates who are running in this election and what political party they are with
5. Describe 3 issues that are important to you. Be clear and specific

For help with these questions please refer to .


There will be a sweat on Monday, April 23rd.  The van will leave at 930AM and return by 300PM.  The first 10 students to sign-up with their teachers will be assured a spot.


Thanks to all students who came out to our Why Vote? session yesterday!  Your questions and enthusiasm were fantastic!  Talk to Sue


Daily Announcements – October 18

Edmonton Votes 2010

Edmonton Votes 2010

Election Day today! If you are 18 or over, you can VOTE!  Click this link to get more information.

Next ID Session: Next ID session with Roxanne will be Mon. Oct 18th after lunch.

Playing Work: Want to see a play and learn your rights as a worker?  The Work Plays Schools Program engages young workers through lively, entertaining and thought-provoking professional theatre productions that inform young workers of their responsibilities and rights to a safe and healthy workplace.  When?  Today! Oct. 18, 2:15-3:15pm  Where?  Native Studies Room.

Be Creative; Win a Great Book! The contest to win a copy of Hero Type by Barry Lyga rages on.  Submit an original story or piece of artwork that can be displayed on the website.  If you do, your name will be entered into a draw to win a signed copy of this book!  All entries will be displayed on the website!  Contest closes on October 27 and the winner will be awarded the prize on October 28!

You can WIN this SIGNED copy of Barry Lyga's Hero Type

You can WIN this SIGNED copy of Barry Lyga's Hero Type

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