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Daily Announcements

Attention Students: Answer the following questions and win prizes. Take your answers to Stephanie in the Social Room. Today’s prizes are a $5 Subway card for the first 5 students, a BSEC tee shirt for all and 3 points for all.

1. Describe a minimum of 3 things that you can do to make people in this school feel safe and comfortable
2. If you attended the presentation the other day, tell Stephanie what the speaker was talking about and name at least 1 thing you learned. If you did not attend the presentation, read about bullying on the Internet and tell Stephanie at least 1 thing about bullying that you did not know before.
3. What topics would you be interested in having a guest speaker discuss in our school? OR what type of presentation would you be interested in seeing here as a school-wide activity? Talk with Stephanie if you need clarification about this question.
4. Find a student in the school that is not currently playing the daily announcement contest and tell them about it. That student will receive 1 point and a BSEC tee shirt from you
5. What prizes are today’s daily announcement participants winning?
6. Suggest to Stephanie grand prize ideas for the end of the school year. YOU Must suggest at least one REASONABLE idea 

Daily Announcements


Attention Students.  For today’s daily announcement contest, answer the following questions and then go see Stephanie in the Social Room for your prize.  For today, the first 5 students will win a $5 Subway card and a BSEC tee shirt.  For those students who already have a tee shirt, you may have another one plus you will win one to give to another student.

Every student will receive points today – but how many?  3, 2 or 1.  You will be drawing your points from a hat.  If you like your points, you may keep them OR you can trade them for an envelope containing maybe something better… maybe not…..


  1. When is pink shirt day and what is the significance of this day?  Is BSEC doing anything for this day? Go see Scott if you are unsure.
  2. What is bullying?  Give several examples.
  3. Is there anything you can do if/when you see bullying in your school or out?
  4. What do you think schools and teachers should do about bullying in a school?
  5. Name several things you are thankful for in your life

YMCA Youth Exchange:

Students participating in the YMCA Youth Exchange have a compulsory meeting to attend in the Video Conference Room today in Blk 5.

Pink shirt day

Watch the video below and click HERE for more resource videos about bullying


Daily Announcements

YMCA Youth Exchange Meeting:

There will be a meeting for participants of the YMCA Youth Exchange on Wednesday, January 30th @ 11:15AM in the Video Conference Room.  All students chosen for the youth exchange will be expected to attend.



Attention students… the daily announcements contest is back.  Answer the following questions and then go find Stephanie in the Social room to claim your prize.  Today, the top 8 responders will receive a $5 Subway card and 2 points.


  1. What is the last day of semester 1?  What is the first day of semester 2?
  2. When does February break for BSEC begin?  When does it end?
  3. On a sheet of music, how many lines does each staff have?
  4. Name an author of a popular teen novel and the title of the book
  5. To answer this series of questions about telling time, you must see Stephanie in the social room.  Hint: you might need a pencil and paper

Ski Hill Safety Meeting:

All students who signed up to go on the ski trip to Rabbit Hill on Friday of this week are to attend the Ski Hill Safety Meeting on Wednesday @ 2:45PM in the Native Studies Room.  This meeting is MANDATORY.  If you signed up and do not attend it you will be taken off of the list.  See you there!

Daily announcements – Contest


Attention students. For today’s contest answer the following questions and take your answers to Stephanie in the Social Studies Room.  3 points for the first student, 2 points for the 2nd and 3rd, and 1 point for everyone else.  Prizes are a $5 subway card today!

  1. Name all 7 continents.
  2. What type of creature is an octopus?
  3. What is the sum of the following: 8 feet, 6 inches plus 9 feet, 9 inches?
  4. What is the highest number on a dartboard?
  5. What should you do if you are going to be absent from BSEC for one day or longer?

Daily Announcements – CONTEST and HOUSING LIST (November)


Attention Students! For today’s daily announcement contest answer the following questions and win a BSEC tee shirt or a lanyard or earrings.  Your choice.  You will also receive 2 points! Take your answers to Stephanie in the Social room.

  1. What devastating event is currently happening in the eastern United States?  List 5 consequences of this catastrophe.
  2. What percent of 80 is 16?
  3. Mexico is mainly a rural society.  True or false?
  4. How many strings are on the most common guitar?
  5. Sodium bicarbonate is also known as?

Housing List

The November housing list is now available in Student Services, and online at:


If you need a referral for more housing supports, please see Brandy!

Daily Announcements – CONTEST and JOBS!


Attention Students!  For today’s daily announcements contest please answer the following questions and take your answers to MARY at the front desk.  The first person will receive 3 points and a Subway gift card.  The second person will receive 2 points and a subway gift card.  The third, fourth and fifth persons will receive 1 point and a subway gift card.  Everyone else will receive 1 point.

  1. What language would you expect to hear if you visited Lisbon?
  2. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories.  Name them
  3. Scott walked 6 ¾ kms to school, then 5 ½ more kms to the store.  How far did Scott go?
  4. What layer of muscle moves up and down as you breathe?
  5. In baseball, what does it mean if a pitcher is a southpaw?


Clareview Walmart is having a hiring fair  Thursday Oct 18thfrom 1pm to 4pm.  Talk to Tim or Neda if you are interested.



Daily Announcements – CONTEST


Attention Students… For today’s contest the theme is how well do you know your school. The first student to see Stephanie in the Social Room will receive 3 points and a $5 Subway card.  The second student will receive 2 points and a $5 Subway card. The next 3 students will receive 1 point and a subway card.  Anyone else after that will receive a choice – one point or a subway card.

  1. What is the address and phone number of the school?
  2. Name 5 staff members and their role at the school
  3. List a minimum of 5 option classes that are offered at BSEC: Social, Science, Math, English DO NOT count
  4. Name one thing that you are thankful for in your life
  5. Why is this coming weekend a long weekend?

Daily Announcements – Contest


Attention Students…. For today’s daily announcement contest answer the following 5 questions and take your answers to Stephanie in the Social room. The first student will receive a $5 Subway card and 2 points. The next 4 will receive a $5 Subway card and 1 point. All others will receive a choice of 1 point or the Subway card:

  1. Use a prefix to turn the phrase “of many cultures” into one word
  2. What is the range of 47, 23, 17, 21, 76?
  3. Write 3 separate sentences using their, they’re and there
  4. What countries fought the War of 1812?
  5. What does the symbol Fe stand for?

Daily Announcements – Missing Items and CONTEST


In the last week, there have been some items go missing from classrooms in the school.  Staff members are looking into what and when items have gone missing, but if you happen to come across something that isn’t yours and is in a place it shouldn’t be, drop it off at the front desk and tell Mary that you found it.  Safe return of lost items will be rewarded; possession of missing items that are not yours will involve a longer discussion.


Attention Students!  The daily announcements contest is starting today!  All you have to do is answer a few questions and you can win prizes and/or points… leading up to a grand prize winner at the end of semester 1.  For today, the top 5 students to answer the following questions will all receive a $5 Subway gift card.  The first person to answer all the questions will receive 2 points.  All other students will receive 1.  If you have any questions, please see Stephanie in the Social Studies classroom.  Great prizes at the end of last year included IPOD touches and Gift cards.

  1. Order these angles from smallest to largest: right, obtuse, acute
  2. What do we call a citizen of Finland?
  3. Which 2 are usually women? Alto, tenor, bass, soprano
  4. As the saying goes… what is only skin deep?
  5. What is the opposite of sensitive?

Daily Announcements – Shout-Outs on Facebook Can Earn You a T-Shirt!

Earn a Shirt by Using Facebook!

Students enrolled at BSEC have a chance to EARN one of these fancy new T-shirts:

Earn a T-Shirt by writing what you love about BSEC on our wall!

Earn a T-Shirt by writing what you love about BSEC on our wall!

Here’s how!  Go to our Facebook page and answer the following question:

What do you LOVE about going to school 2 BSEC?  Tell us what you love about being a student here and you will find yourself in some sick new threads (see above).


Stick Around for Martial Arts Monday

As long as there is student interest, Scott will be leading a martial arts class for all enrolled students on MONDAYS AFTER SCHOOL.  Scott has trained in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, MMA, and Baguazhang over the last 20 years and holds a black belt in Aikido.  Watch the clips below for an idea of what Aikido looks like and how it can be used.


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