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Daily Announcements – Hockey and Healthy Communities (but not necessarily hockey FOR healthy communities!!!

Hockey Contest: Like hockey?  Free food?  Great seats?  On Monday Jan.16th, here at BSEC we will be starting a contest which will give 8 students a chance to attend an Oilers game on Feb. 2.  We will be watching the game in  a luxury suite which has been donated by Servus Credit Union.  All you have to do, is check the BSEC website each day and correctly answer a question, then your name will be entered into a draw.


The Healthy Aboriginal Network: We have promoted this resource in the past, but some new work has been done by The Healthy Aboriginal Network.  This website offers several different comic titles dealing with healing in the aboriginal community.  One of the newest works has been turned into a motion comic and is shared below.  Check it out and talk to Scott if you are interested in having some more of these great titles in and around the school.

Daily Announcements – Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards!

The Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards are coming up! Click on the picture below to have a voice in this year’s Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards.

Click here to VOTE for your Edmonton nominees Shawn (Feenix) Bernard and Will Belcourt

Click here to VOTE


Letting Go Ceremony This Thursday Oct 6th in Block 3- Write a letter for someone, yourself, lost loved one, who is not able to hear or see it. Go with staff and students down by the river to burn it and it will be released to those that need to hear your words.

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