Letter to students, parents and guardians

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Dear students, parents and guardians,


Welcome to our new school year beginning on August 25, 2021. We are happy that you have chosen our school to begin or to continue your education. We are pleased to be back in school and look forward to a positive and rewarding school year. Along with our mission of meeting students where they are at and creating a positive community of learning and growth, we are also committed to keeping our students and staff safe. 


We are keeping the same protocols in place as we had last year regarding our COVID responses. We had no COVID outbreaks in our school last year in part due to our precautions and due to the careful and respectful behaviours of our students and their families. With the new variants emerging in the community, we are committed to keeping everyone safe by continuing with the same plans that proved to be successful last school year. This means the following:

  • we will be masked when we are not able to physically distance, 
  • we will sign in each day, 
  • we will monitor our health on a daily basis,
  • none of us will come to school if we are feeling ill,
  • we will continue with the one way traffic in the school,
  • we will continue with the same type of food service for breakfast and lunch,
  • we will monitor the number of students allowed in each area 


We will adapt our plans as things change in the community regarding the coronavirus. Alberta Education has a plan to offer a vaccination program in schools with grades 7-12 and if you are interested, you will receive information about this when you register at school. 


Thanks again for choosing our school. We are thrilled to have you and begin this new school year with more hope and less fear.


Mavis Averill


Boyle Street Education Centre