Student Services

Our school offers a wide range of services and supports to students throughout the year. Please note this list may change.

Access to Indigenous cultural ceremonies:
– Daily smudges
– Weekly talking circles
– Monthly sweats
– Quarterly pipe ceremonies

Additional Services:
– Bi-weekly visits from nurses
– Weekly visit from an Addictions Counsellor
– Free bus passes through the PATH program

– Academic, personal & cultural
– Access to funding
– Legal assistance
– Job search
– Housing

We also offer a Work Experience Program which features courses to further the student’s personal development, career planning and employability skills through placements in off-campus and on-campus work stations or work sites.

Additionally, we have fully modified learning plans and strategies for working with students who have FASD, ADHD, other learning disorders, and/or emotional/behavioral challenges.

A recognized Safe Space community in support of LGBTQ+ students.

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