BSEC Still Open (In-Person OR at Home)

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While some Edmonton schools have shifted to at-home learning only for grades 7-12, BSEC remains available for in-person as well as at-home learning and supports. At this time, we are able to remain available in this manner because there is sufficient physical distance and layered protections in place to allow in-person operation.

Here is what you need to know about attending school:

  • Our students MAY attend in person. Note: ALL safety protocols remain in place for in-person learning. This includes wearing masks at all times in the building, observing physical distance, using hand hygiene regularly and staying away if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • At-home learning IS ALSO AVAILABLE online or in hard copy – communicate with your teachers for more information.
  • Diploma exams are optional – They will still count for 30% of their mark if written.

Please call 780-428-1420 or email if you or your family have any questions.