Boyle Street Education Centre Re-Entry Plan

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Boyle Street Education Centre will use our Scenario 1 re-entry plan from the current school year. It will continue to be our collective work to make it safe and easy for our students to access learning and supports with some of the new routines, which have been successful during the last school year. As the pandemic lessens, some procedures may not be necessary while others will become new “normal” routines.


Operational Goal

To achieve our mission during this upcoming school year, our school will focus on in-person engagement and learning but we must continue to develop continuity of learning and supports to students from anywhere with whatever tools they happen to have.

As such, this document assumes that “in-person” learning will be the main direction but some “at-home” student learning and supports may still need to be accessed by students. 


2021-22 School Year Calendar

  •  The 2021-22 calendar has been developed.
  • Teacher assignments have been decided.


Instructional and inclusive education staff members routinely collaborate assessment and learning abilities of students every year, so differentiation of learning will be planned based on continued learning from where the student is at due to interruptions due to COVID.

Re-Entry August/September 2021

We must make it as easy as possible for people to access our school while also keeping them safe (students as well as staff members). The steps below itemize the re-entry considerations within our school’s control and, while it may be possible to take some actions before others, every step contributes to safety for all stakeholders.


Design and Implementation

  • A thorough cleaning of school facilities will be completed prior to school return in September.
  • Sufficient resources for staff and students have been ordered and are in place regarding COVID mitigation.
  • School has completed:
    • print and visual information regarding hand hygiene, 
    • placement of hand sanitizers throughout the school, 
    • scheduling of our custodian to clean and disinfect high touch areas and equipment, 
    • directional flow plans for movement throughout the school, 
    • constructed barriers between staff and others in areas of communication, 
    • supplied barriers for office staff who have requested this and 
    • supplied PPE supplies for all staff and students. 
    • Cleaning will continue with extra cleaning staff for the first six months of the school year.
  • The school has developed and posted print and visual procedures regarding protocols for entering and leaving the building for staff, students, and visitors.
  • We will continue with physical distancing for the time being. We will continue with practices in place from last school year. If we need to be able to place more students in classrooms at the same time, we will address this as the need arises. We will keep the sign-in system in place for being able to contact trace any person who may become ill.
  • Masks will be mandatory for both students and staff in all areas except for staff working alone or in areas/offices where physical distancing is possible.
  • Food distribution will continue as it was for last school year. If this needs to be changed due to the number of students attending, we will discuss it with our food services people and the OHS committee.
  • Prior to leaving home, staff, students and community members must self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 each day that they enter the building. Staff, students and contracted people will sign the “fit for duty/fit for school” form attached to this document and follow the procedures as outlined by the school.
  • Safety protocols for option classes will continue.
  • We will continue with the flow of traffic in the school as it was last year with a one-way flow for upstairs/downstairs traffic.


Continuation of COVID Practices

  • Teachers will prepare for in-class learning. If students prefer to access online learning, please discuss with Student Services during registration.
  • Equipment that must be shared should be cleaned and disinfected after each use – cleaning and disinfection of Calming room will be conducted after each use.
  • Continue with COVID-19 specific safety procedures.

Refer to Staff Procedures during a Pandemic for specific steps regarding issues impacting staff due to COVID-19.

Restroom use procedures.

    • Cleaning Procedures
    • Post visual signs for safety in bathrooms
    • Partition divider for urinals
    • Keep all outside doors to bathrooms open to prevent the spread
    • Ensuring most light switches are converted to motion sensors. 
  • At-home access by appointment may continue for:
    • Counselling.
    • School doctor and nurse.
    • Visiting the school.


Procedure Evaluation and Modification

As the situation changes or as program needs demand, we may evaluate the suitability of our procedures and collaborate to improve them. For the sake of input, staff members may raise concerns by sending an email to one of the members of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee or to school administration.


Diploma Examinations

Diploma examinations will once again be required for high school completion.


Mental Health and Well-Being

BSEC students are particularly susceptible to variations in access to school. While staff members have a wide array of access to supports through the Board’s benefits package, students generally access pathways to support through the work of school staff members. 

This work must continue. The school will prioritize programming breadth to the degree possible so that students who depend on the accommodations and variety of learning and supports may still access these.


Contracted Services

Similar protocols to those being used in core classes will be implemented for addressing activities such as cultural events and contracted services such as yoga, Improv and Animal Assisted care for school entry in September. These will be making sure there is enough space for physical distancing in classes and the use of masks when this isn’t possible, regular hand washing and not using commonly touched items. School Admin will work with contracted personnel to apprise them of our safety protocols. (Scenario 1).


CMO Contact Numbers

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Central Zone –