Attention Students, Parents and Staff

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Dear School community, students, parents, staff, guardians, and youth support people

COVID continues to be a challenging presence in our schools and communities. At our school we are doing our best to keep our students and staff safe. Please note that we are taking all the precautions that we can and procuring the best equipment available, to keep our school safe. All we can do is our best in addressing these challenges and we are committed to following all of the health protocols and regulations. We look forward to seeing you in school and back to classes.

New COVID protocols as discussed and decided with our OHS committee:

  • Do not come to school if you are unwell regardless of the type of virus you may be having. Stay home, rest and drink plenty of fluids and return to school once you have recovered.
  • Isolation times if you are COVID positive – If you test positive for COVID with a rapid response test, you must isolate for 5 days. If you are vaccinated and if you have no symptoms of illness, you can return to school once the 5 days are over. You must show front desk staff proof of vaccination and you must wear a mask at all times for the 5 following days. The school will arrange for a separate place for you to have lunch and a separate place for you to stand outside the school. Once these 5 days are over, you will follow the rules of everyone else in the school.
  • If you are unvaccinated and test positive for COVID, you must isolate for the 10 full days.
  • Gymnasium rules – At this time and until the end of January there will be no face to face interactive sports in the gym. Other sports such as 3 on 3 volleyball, ping pong, badminton, working out on the machines will be permitted but you must wear a surgical mask at all times. When you enter the gym you will put your N-95 mask aside, get a new surgical mask from the supervisor and take part in the gym activity. When you leave the gym you will discard the surgical mask and put your N-95 mask back on prior to entering the common area. Please clean your hands with hand sanitizer before and after donning the masks.
  • Common area – We will be removing some chairs so that people can only sit two to a table at any time for lunch. If we need additional space for lunch we will open up the VC room and provide tables there.
  • Non-school members in the school – When new students/parents/guardians come into the school they will be given masks to wear at the back door, asked to sanitize their hands and to keep their distance from students/staff in the school. We cannot legally request vaccination status
  • Students/staff will be given one N-95 mask per school day and will wear the mask for the duration of the day except for being in the gym. They will discard this mask after they leave school at the end of the day and will be given a new mask at their next return to school.
  • Rapid Test Disposal – One rapid response kit will be given to each student and staff member as soon as the school receives them. These will be disbursed from the front desk and a record will be kept as to who has received a kit. The testing kit is to be used at home and can be disposed of in your garbage.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy, yoga, massage therapy and Improv will resume in our school if the vendors are feeling OK about being in the school. We will check on this on Monday morning.

We sincerely hope that you and all of your loved ones are safe and well. We keep you and your families in our minds and hearts as we make our decisions.

Mavis Averill
Boyle Street Education Centre