How We Are Different

Our school provides an integrated educational program that enables students to be their best selves. We do not charge school fees for any of our programs or learning experiences. We just want to make it easy for our students to come to school!


The purpose of the Boyle Street Education Centre is to inspire and support the educational success and social development of youth who have previously experienced interruptions in their formal learning.


BSEC believes that all students have the capacity to learn. Our vision is to provide an integrated educational program that enables students to be their best selves.


Our instructional practices and student support services are rooted in the belief that both well being and learning are necessary components of a healthy student. We are committed to offering an inclusive and assessable educational space promoting education, healing and self-growth for all students.

  • Instructional practices and student services are trauma-informed.
  • Students develop and drive their educational goals within a circle of guidance, information and support from school
  • BSEC students are active in their own learning and will develop a sense of their own voice and how to exercise it.
  • Students will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be dedicated, self-reliant and responsible people who are integral
    members of our community
  • Students will be educated to know who they are, where they came from and how they belong in order that they create a strong path forward following their graduation a sense of self-actualization and self-determination.
  • All components of our educational centre are accountable and work in collaboration for the benefit of our students.


Mavis Averill


Sharan Sandhu

Secretary Treasurer

Ed Gillis