While in-person classes remain cancelled during the public health crisis, school staff members are preparing to support our students to complete this school year.

  • Tomorrow morning at 11:30 am, we will host a Virtual Assembly on Facebook Live. The purpose of that meeting is to hear about where you are, what you are going through and to answer questions and concerns about the weeks to come (to the degree we are able).
  • Throughout the week, our dedicated staff members will reach out to individual students and their families. The goal of that contact will be to give you progress updates on course work. They will work with you to earn any outstanding credit you need to complete high school. The primary focus will be on completing core subjects like English, Math, Social Studies and Science, but other material may also be made available. We will offer each individual student access to at least 3 hours worth of course work material per week as needed for course completion.
  • Finally, our student services staff members will be connecting with students also to identify needs and to think with you about how tong students in challenging circumstances.

Our committment, as always, is to:

  • Keep you and our staff members safe,
  • Communicate about how you can continue to access the school,
  • Listen to your concerns and do our best to support you to do what you need to do from wherever you are.