We know this has been a March Break different than most (in a year that has been different from most!). Here is our plan to support students to stay connected to our school while remaining at a distance from the building during this public health crisis (starting Monday, March 30th):

  • Monday morning, we will host a Virtual Assembly where we will check in with students and their families to see how everyone is and to listen to your questions and concerns about the weeks to come.
  • Our teachers will be reaching out to individual students to let them know where they are at in their course work. They will also be sharing their plans to support each of you to earn any outstanding you need to complete high school (in line with the minister’s letter from last week).
  • Our student services staff members will be connecting with students also to identify needs and potential strategies for supporting students in challenging circumstances.

Our commitment to our school community during this time is to:

  • Ensure your safety and the safety of the staff of the school.
  • Communicate with you and your family about your learning and ways you can continue to progress toward high school completion,
  • Listen to you about what you need and to offer support where we are able.