Dear students, parents, guardians, staff members and volunteers:

Our staff members met today to discuss strategies for reaching out to our students to offer support while students are away from schools. While school leaders across the province are collaborating to find ways to help progress student learning, we want to identify what we are doing right now and for the rest of the week to continue to be available for our young people.

Visits to the school must be by appointment until further notice. Appointments will be firm and you must attend within 10 minutes of your appointed time. You can make appointments in one of three ways:

  1. by calling 780-428-1420 ext. 211,
  2. by text at 780-224-9382,
  3. by emailing at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Do not come to the school if you do not receive confirmation from the staff member you are trying to reach. If a staff member has not confirmed the time you request, you do not have an appointment. Although the school staff members are working, this measure is necessary to social distance.

Here are the reasons students may need to visit the school this week:

  • Students who have to pick up Work Experience (starting on Wednesday, March 18th).
  • The Doctor will be here to serve students on Friday, March 20. If you would like to see the Doctor, please contact us to schedule an appointment.
  • If you have personal items here that you want to pick up.

We will not be serving coffee or food at this time and students will not be able to remain in the building after having collected their items. Thank you for your attention to these measures at this time.