Attention Students: Answer the following questions and win prizes. Take your answers to Stephanie in the Social Room. Today’s prizes are a $5 Subway card for the first 5 students, a BSEC tee shirt for all and 3 points for all.

1. Describe a minimum of 3 things that you can do to make people in this school feel safe and comfortable
2. If you attended the presentation the other day, tell Stephanie what the speaker was talking about and name at least 1 thing you learned. If you did not attend the presentation, read about bullying on the Internet and tell Stephanie at least 1 thing about bullying that you did not know before.
3. What topics would you be interested in having a guest speaker discuss in our school? OR what type of presentation would you be interested in seeing here as a school-wide activity? Talk with Stephanie if you need clarification about this question.
4. Find a student in the school that is not currently playing the daily announcement contest and tell them about it. That student will receive 1 point and a BSEC tee shirt from you
5. What prizes are today’s daily announcement participants winning?
6. Suggest to Stephanie grand prize ideas for the end of the school year. YOU Must suggest at least one REASONABLE idea 