Attention Students.  For today’s daily announcement contest, answer the following questions and then go see Stephanie in the Social Room for your prize.  For today, the first 5 students will win a $5 Subway card and a BSEC tee shirt.  For those students who already have a tee shirt, you may have another one plus you will win one to give to another student.

Every student will receive points today – but how many?  3, 2 or 1.  You will be drawing your points from a hat.  If you like your points, you may keep them OR you can trade them for an envelope containing maybe something better… maybe not…..


  1. When is pink shirt day and what is the significance of this day?  Is BSEC doing anything for this day? Go see Scott if you are unsure.
  2. What is bullying?  Give several examples.
  3. Is there anything you can do if/when you see bullying in your school or out?
  4. What do you think schools and teachers should do about bullying in a school?
  5. Name several things you are thankful for in your life

YMCA Youth Exchange:

Students participating in the YMCA Youth Exchange have a compulsory meeting to attend in the Video Conference Room today in Blk 5.

Pink shirt day

Watch the video below and click HERE for more resource videos about bullying