Attention Students!  For today’s daily announcements contest please answer the following questions and take your answers to MARY at the front desk.  The first person will receive 3 points and a Subway gift card.  The second person will receive 2 points and a subway gift card.  The third, fourth and fifth persons will receive 1 point and a subway gift card.  Everyone else will receive 1 point.

  1. What language would you expect to hear if you visited Lisbon?
  2. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories.  Name them
  3. Scott walked 6 ¾ kms to school, then 5 ½ more kms to the store.  How far did Scott go?
  4. What layer of muscle moves up and down as you breathe?
  5. In baseball, what does it mean if a pitcher is a southpaw?


Clareview Walmart is having a hiring fair  Thursday Oct 18thfrom 1pm to 4pm.  Talk to Tim or Neda if you are interested.